Monday, June 19, 2017

Update.. Update.. Update!!

As we are now less than 4 weeks away from arriving in Cabo, it’s a good time for some updates to help you prepare for your trip.


While we realize the thought of having so much fun once again in Cabo may tempt you to tell other people about it, Villa Buena Vida is invite-only. So unless we have personally extended an invitation to them, no one else will be welcomed to party at the house. That even goes for people we know, but especially those we’ve never met. Our plan was to limit the group to the friends who made the first trip along with some new friends that Michael felt would be good additions to the festivities. So if you have friends who want to make the trip, we certainly can’t stop them from traveling to Cabo, but just remember that Villa Buena Vida is invite-only.

House Meals

We will have breakfast and dinner freshly prepared and served at the house Monday-Thursday. The cost will be $35/person each day. The house will also be pre-stocked with snacks and other goodies, which, coupled with the usual leftovers, should tide us over from breakfast to dinner. However, if people get the munchies during the day, there are endless restaurants just a short cab ride away as well as delivery options. And remember, we will have lunch provided for us on Tuesday during our boat excursion.

Snorkeling Tour

Speaking of the boat, we will leave the house (after breakfast) around 9:30am Tuesday to embark on our 3-hour cruise and snorkeling tour. The cost will be $100/person, which covers all the necessary snorkeling gear, food, drinks, transportation, and tips. The snorkeling is totally optional. Even if you don’t want to get in the water, the cruise promises to provide some amazing views of the Sea of Cortez. As of right now, 14 people have signed up for the cruise, but we have room for more if anyone changes their mind between now and then.


A foursome has been reserved at the Cabo San Lucas Country Club on Wednesday morning. We will depart the house around 9:15am for our 10:00 tee time. The cost for the 9 holes of golf and rental clubs will be $100/person.


As promised, we will have a masseuse (or two) on hand to provide massages Monday afternoon. The prices for a basic Swedish massage range from $70 for 60 minutes to $90 for 80 minutes. They also offer different types of massages for additional prices. If interested, you can work that out with the masseuse at the time of your massage. So, if you are interested, please let Crystal know ASAP so she can compile a schedule, which will be determined by how many people make a request.


Please keep in mind to have some cash on hand to tip the staff at the end of our stay. After discussions with the homeowner, we believe that a tip of $25/person for the week would suffice. For those of you staying at other locations, any tips for the chef would be up to your discretion.

Pictures/Social Media

This will likely go without saying, but just consider it a friendly reminder. Please don’t take pictures of anyone without their consent and be mindful of the background when taking pictures with others. Also, please do not post any pictures on social media that include other people without their consent. We would also ask that you not tag the specific location of the house when you do post something to social media. Away from the house, feel free to tag away, but while at the house, let’s keep our location as private as possible.

Gifts Are Not Necessary

For those of you thinking about getting Michael a gift for his birthday, it’s totally not necessary. All of you making the trip is an awesome gift by itself. However, it’s likely that some of you will still want to get him a gift anyway. If that is the case, feel free to send it to our home address either before or after the trip.

What To Bring

Besides the usual stuff you would bring to a beach vacation (sunglasses, bathing suits, sunscreen), everything else should be provided for us, including towels for the pool. If you want to bring some games to help pass the time, feel free. Left-Center-Right will be making a return trip to Cabo (don’t forget your dollar bills) as will a homemade drinking game version of Corn Hole. It might be a good idea to bring some type of no-spill tumbler for drinking out by the pool. Not only do they keep your cocktails colder longer, they also cut down on the number of cups we would need to buy. We would also encourage people to make some playlists of your favorite music to enjoy throughout the day.

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